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Sir George A. Clark Bart Memorial Bursary Fund
Sir George A. Clark Bart

THE above Fund was established in 1992 in memory of a former Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland to assist people through the award of Bursaries in four categories.

1. To enable those in industry, business or commerce to travel to increase their expertise in their field and develop the economic strength of our country.

2. To help those in low income families to pursue a tertiary education course without unduly increasing debt through Bank Loans.

3. To assist in post graduate research in fields which can promote our Protestant Faith, Heritage and Culture.

4. To enable those with learning difficulties to attend courses which would aid them to be more independent.

Awards are made in October each year at the discretion of the Trustees. To assist the Trustees in the decision making process an Advisory Committee considers all the applications during September and makes recommendations.

Since its inception the Fund has helped approximately 100 people each year across the four categories.