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Educating Ourselves
Educating Ourselves’ is a new programme for people of all ages and abilities who have an interest in the Orange Order, its history and cultural traditions in Ireland and throughout the world. It is a four module programme spread over four weeks and all we ask for is a commitment of approximately two hours per night, one evening per week.

Each of the weekly sessions is information based and are designed in such a way to ensure there is a fun element with quizzes and competitions. The course itself is in no way academic and participants are not expected to do any research, any homework or write anything down as we will provide support material such as information booklets and handouts.

The aim of the Educating Ourselves Programme is to provide a basic four module course which will inform individuals of The Glorious Revolution, the Formation and early years of the Orange Institution, the Development of Orangeism and the Orange Order today. On completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate but must have attended three of the four modules to do so.

Educating Ourselves is intended to be entertaining and informative and aimed at those who have not attained higher levels of education. It will include role-play, drama, musical and literary interpretation, as well as talks on historical events.

The aim of the course is to: Impart information on the Orange Institution to groups To teach other tutors to enable them to teach classes in other areas. This would be based on the same modules and curriculum in all areas, with some leeway for local history to be used from area to area in the study.

This course will not only utilise standard lectures, but also use a variety of methods to facilitate and enhance the learning experience and will include the following:

Music and song i.e. the song Killiecrankie is about the Jacobite victory in 1689 in the Scottish Battle. Other songs can be chosen from the Trainers CD The Songs Our Father Sung.

Drama, providing participants with role-play figures from the period, such as Williamites, Jacobites, soldiers, farmers, etc; in this we would be seeking to have people identify with different characters and their outlooks at the time

Primary source material would be of prime importance in discussions, and we in Grand Lodge have unique sources including letters from the Battle of the Boyne in 1690, historic poems and songs about the period, etc. The use of John Evelyn’s diary is also seen as important primary source material

At the end of each section or module, students would be asked several questions to gauge how well they have absorbed and understood the information.

We are concerned at the lack of educational attainment within the working-class Protestant community and will endeavour to build-in to the courses aids which would assist adult literacy and numeracy.

We are confident that these courses will be informative, educational and will outreach into the wider community. Educating Ourselves is not only for members of the Orange Order but is also for the wider Orange Family, wives, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, bands people and community volunteers.

To find out more information about the Educating Ourselves course or to request a prospectus, contact David Scott, Community Education Officer on 028 9070 1122 or email