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The Structure of the Loyal Orange Institution of Ireland
The Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland
This is the governing body of almost 300 representatives drawn from County Grand Lodges including 1 representative from each District.

County Grand Orange Lodges
These are comprised of representatives drawn from each District in the County.

There are 12 County Grand Lodges, these are Antrim, Armagh, Belfast, Cavan, Donegal, Down, Fermanagh, Leitrim, City of Londonderry, Londonderry County, Monaghan and Tyrone.

District Lodges
These are comprised of representatives from each Private Lodge in the District. There are 125 District Lodges based on a geographical area.

Private Lodges
There are 1134 of these. This is the powerbase of the Institution and every member must belong to a Private Lodge.