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General Information

Numbers on parade - 1,500 including bands

Numbers spectating - 3,000 plus

Number of bands - 15 local bands

Districts involved - Mourne District No 6

Mourne District is the largest District in the Orange Institution with well over 1,000 members and is home to the largest Private Lodge, Ballyvea LOL 343a with 163 members. Colin Girvan, the Senior Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland will be parading with the Mourne brethren. This year, it's the turn of Kilkeel True Blues LOL 1034 to lead the parade with Kilkeel Silver band.


The "Kilkeel Lodges" leave Kilkeel Orange Hall at 10:45 to parade the 1.5 miles to the Leestone Road on the outskirts of the town. There, they join with the remainder of the District and return to Kilkeel finishing at the Demonstration field on the Manse Road. Friends and family join the brethren in the field with the Mourne Mountains as the scenic backdrop to the proceedings.

Following refreshments, the Platform Proceedings begin at 2:15pm.

The District will leave to commence the homeward parade at 4:00 pm

Mourne District LOL No. 6 rotates the Twelfth on a 4 year cycle (Kilkeel, Annalong, Kilkeel, Ballymartin, Kilkeel, etc). The last time Kilkeel hosted the Twelfth in Kilkeel was 2016.

The Twelfth Demonstration is a family event with 14 of the Lodges parading with their own bands. The Lodges span the whole of the Mournes from Silent Valley LOL 263 (at foot of the Mournes) to Cranfield LOL 907 (overlooking the mouth of Carlingford Lough) to Annalong (LOL 342, LOL 1330 and LOL 1702)

Platform Party

Guest Speakers:

Bro. Colin Girvan - Senior Depute Grand Master of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland

Bro. Colin Morris -Christ Church, Kilkeel

Bro. Richard Fleming - County Down Grand Secretary

Mourne District Officers:

Worshipful District Master - Bro. Neil Cousins

Deputy District Master - Bro. William Baillie

District Chaplain - Bro. Eric Niblock

District Secretary - Bro. Stephen Nicholson

District Treasurer - Bro. William Burns