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Victims of Terrorism
The Orange Institution has lost 332 of its members during an unsuccessful violent terrorist campaign by the Irish Republican Army and other groups designed to remove Northern Ireland from the United Kingdom.

Although the terrorists did not manage to subvert the democratic wishes of the majority of people in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, over 3,000 people lost their lives and countless numbers were injured and scarred physically or mentally.

The members of the Institution who were murdered included members of an Orange Lodge at Tullyvallen in South Armagh, whose meeting was attacked. Five died in the attack and another member of his injuries. More recently, prison officer David Black was murdered by dissident republicans as he travelled to his place of work in November 2012. Many others were serving in the security forces and were often targeted and murdered when they were off duty.

A Memorial stone at Orange Order headquarters at Schomberg House commemorates all the brethren who were murdered.

The Grand Master, Edward Stevenson says: "Three hundred and thirty seven members of the Orange Institution have lost their lives at the hands of terrorists and we must never forget them, nor the families who still grieve."